Benefits of TradeStation

It is what I needed

I have used much software throughout the years and there was always something missing and I could get my work done like I wanted to. But everything changed when I found TradeStation; it made everything simpler and better
There is a QuickStart feature in TradeSation that helped me to recognize scope and complexity for navigating the stock, options, futures and forex markets.It is easily accessible from the Help main menu, and it presents an uncluttered window of iconic panes that took me to default workspaces that contain many of the trader’s necessary tools. Also, default workspaces include quote and chart windows, an order entry bar, and the TradeManager, which is used to monitor trade status. Support and training links also are displayed. QuickStart gave me a toe-hold, but actually it doesn’t eliminate the need to understand many features of the pre-configured workspaces.

Quick Trade Bar

In this program I like that Quick Trade Bar offers streamlined order entry graphics. It can be used with stock, futures and forex markets. TradeStation 9.0 has three distinct mechanisms for manual order entry: The standard order entry bar which is near the top of the desktop, the Matrix point-and-click price ladder order entry interface, long a favorite of discretionary day-traders and the new Quick Trade Bar. Maybe the only missing order entry feature is the ability to manually place and manage orders from within a price chart.
It leads the industry in promoting automated trade strategy development and execution for the retail and small institutional trader. TradeStation is the best because has EasyLanguage, a programming language reminiscent of a 1980s/90s programming language, and it has support for price charts, technical indicators, and order and account management, and this leads for the point of trade strategy development.

The easy programming language has a big reputation like excellent fast-prototyping tool for algorithmic trader. The trade ideas can be programmed and back tasted quickly in order to determine the efficacy. It can be taken to the foreword with additional development and live order execution development when the strategy looks promising.
One of the best things for the program is that I don’t need to check for new updates because the product includes automatic update. TradeStation charts and graphics always have been attractively and professionally rendered. The new 9.0 was given a face-lift with new graphics and icons while the overall application layout, has remained consistent.

Well I see a positive view of its hierarchical design, the trader, using a single subscription and internet connection, because it can configure any number of screens. The retail trader or small institution it also can cost-effectively build a sophisticated trading desk with banks of monitors. This is where I think that the key feature of TradeStation and underlies the overall goals of the product is that it gave me access to technology on par with the professional. Broadband internet and low-latency direct access networks help to make this a reality.

General Info about TradeStation

forex-trading-basicWhat do you need to use the software?

I have used this program all the time when it comes to trading and it helped me a lot. Here I am now and I am going to share what you need to know about this software. First for Trade Station you will need Windows XP SP2 through Windows 7; 32- and 64-bit versions and processor that has Minimum, Standard and Power User Requirements range from single 1.5 GHz CPU with 2GB RAM to Dual- and Quad-Core 2.5GHz and higher with 2-4GB RAM and Internet Connectivity that is Minimum 1.5Mbps; Standard 3Mbps; Power 6Mbps.
This software varies when it comes for pricing. The typical retail brokerage customer who maintains a funded account has a $99.95 per month service fee. You would pay additional $59.95 per month when Stock and futures traders are using the RadarScreen component to scan. Those who are subscribed and do not maintain an account balance pay higher monthly fees.

TradeStation success

With the program I configure the data feeds with the TradeStation system website and delayed data is at no cost. There are commisions to the exchange and volume traded. There are no forex commissions.
Trade station was the leading PC financial software for small institution and retail traders and it has been making incremental releases to 8.0 version products since 2004. The release of TradeStation TradeStation 9.0 in 2010 carried high expectations for significant enhancements. And for I think 9.0 not just that it met all the expectation but instead it exceeded the expectation. The whole scope of its community and ethnology continues to keep the software at the head of the class.

One downs for this software, because of the new technology that is spreading fast, it is that the new users of TradeStation it can go steep. The program and its encompasses tools to actively trade stocks, futures, forex and options are addressing the full range of trade execution, from discretionary manual order entry to entirely computer automated and back-tested systems.

The program has business functions as both a developer of technical trading software and as a broker. It has self-cleared stock transactions for several years. The TradeStation’s commissions are highly competitive, but when account and data fees are added, TradeStation 9.0 may be vulnerable to solutions that derive their revenue solely from commissions. However, today there are tens of thousands of individual TradeStation retail customers, and I am one of them, someone that is really satisfied how all works.
TradeStation 9.0 has continued to expand its scope in order to retain an advantage when competitors attempt niche products that excel in a specific area. The product greatest challenge is continuing to evolve without becoming overly complex.
The program is built on a mature, feature-rich legacy of real-time trading software, with an emphasis on trade strategy automation and execution. There is the object-oriented programming and event handling, and also the integration of Strategy Network, TradeStation 9.0 has the potential of initiating a new generation of automated trading for the retail customer.

There undoubtedly will be detractors because of the scope of today’s active trading, who will find certain feature missing or inadequately implemented. TradeStation 9.0 may be vulnerable to losing market share from competing solutions that have a narrower focus, and when one combines subscription and market data fees, TradeStation 9.0 may not be the lowest-cost trading desktop. However for now it is the best thing that happened to me. It is the greatest program for futures trading, and also based of the quality and sophistication of its strategy automation and plus the broad user support and third-party network, TradeStation 9.0 will continue to be the highest marks from me.

Futures trading software for small-medium firms

trading-01_bigOptionsCity Freeway

I am an individual that has a small professional firm. I have always had trouble for picking the right trading software that will meet all my needs for the firm. I was digging through the internet and asking people for help about which futures trading program will fulfill my needs. It was hard to choose really, even harder when there are many great programs but those programs are hard for those like me, with small firm or for those who has medium size firms. Finally I found what I was looking for, OptionsCity Freeway.
There are always questions for the small- to medium-size professional trading firms, “How do we stay up on the electronic trading revolution?” Or, maybe even more basically, “How to participate at all?” Infrastructure products would emerge to lower the bar of entry because when it is seen historically; computers and information technology advances maybe at first slow the adoption of new users and applications. Because there is no difference in the world of algorithmic trading, OptionsCity offers a set of solutions with their Freeway product to address the high cost of entry to algorithmic trading. What Freeway product offers is amazing; it is a key infrastructure for the professional trading firm who wish to participate in highly competitive world of algorithmic trading. Well everyone knows that it’s really all about time-to-market and how quickly can a trading firm get its trade strategies up and running, and that is what OptionsCity Freeway product offers.

Easy programming

The Freeway product gives two standard based solutions where the first one is a desktop environment for developing trade strategy algorithms, and the second one is an exchange co-location server for strategy execution. Like any other technical solution the most important thing lies in the details. The Freeway product made me happy with the wise design and implementation decisions based on well recognized internet standards and because there is the necessary support to address the high-performance demands of today’s algorithmic trading.

There us use of Eclipse Java programming a strategy that makes a use of the industry-standard for developing trading algorithms. So in this environment, the product offers a large number of interfaces, or APIs that are specifically designed for trade development. This ables to make the mask of details of exchange data, order book, order entry and routing, and position management within a Java framework.